I'm Presenting  my latest invention Sharecash / Fileice Premium Downloader which along with downloading from all free and Premium file hosting & some other sites like Megaupload, rapidshare would also download from survey sites like Sharecash, Dengee & FileAce. Sounds awesome?

[Image: download-here-button.png]


[Image: 6db842bacc244174bbb5f9f.png]

[Image: uBhXk.png]

  • Updated to v2.8, temporary issues fixed.
Updated Using & Installation Instructions (v2.6):

1. Extract both files to any folder you wish.
2. Remember to have the .pdb file in the same folder as of downloader otherwise it would not work fine.

3. Please note that ShareCash has now changed their
file download link format, the new format is like:


Entering above link won't generate a premium link for it, instead
use the old URL method, like:


and it should work fine. Here, 239 is the file id of the file.



As mentioned in introduction, this will download from 3 major survey sites including Sharecash, Dengee & fileace and also from almost all free premium filehosting sites instantly.

Currently Supported File Hosting Sites:
  • Sharecash (Bypass SURVEY and downloads instantly)
  • Megaupload
  • Dengee (Bypass SURVEY and downloads instantly)
  • Letitbit
  • Fileace (Bypass SURVEY and downloads instantly)

How To Use:

Just paste your download link in first textbox (refer to supported file hosters above) and then click generate button, copy the direct link in second text box and paste in web-browser or simple click download button for automatic download. More detailed instructions can be found inside the tool by clicking "How to use" button.


Thats it. Do leave feedbacks, if proxy gets blocked, I'd update it, let me know.